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The Chelucci family has been producing pasta in a traditional way since 1912; the company, founded by his grandfather Edoardo, is still in the historic plant in Piteccio, near a spring of pure water in the scenery of the Pistoia hills.

100% Tuscan km 0 raw materials

Chelucci pasta is a high quality product, according to the best Italian tradition, starting from the selection of highly selected, 100% Tuscan km 0 raw materials, because no product can be excellent without truly exceptional ingredients.

First quality durum wheat, eggs and spelled

The durum wheat pasta is kneaded exclusively with first quality semolina, the spelled used is only 100% pure Tuscan, the ancient Senatore Cappelli wheat used for ancient wheat specialties is certified by the Ancient Grains Association, the eggs are strictly fresh and the water is the pure one of the source that is near the plant.

Craft Processing

All this is combined with craftsmanship, which keeps the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials unaltered and allows the product to give the totally natural flavor of homemade pasta

Bronze drawn pasta

The pasta of the Chelucci pasta factory is kneaded exclusively as it once was, with and drawn with bronze dies, which give the product the right roughness, while maintaining the organoleptic characteristics and the totally natural taste of homemade pasta.

Low temperature drying and hand packing

The drying takes place on frames placed in wooden cells at low temperatures (30° -35°), for longer or shorter periods depending on the format. The packaging of special formats is made entirely by hand, to give that unique and inimitable aspect to the product.

Egg pasta as it used to be

And for egg pasta, the pasta makers of the Pastificio Chelucci still follow the traditional recipe: 5 fresh eggs per kilo of durum wheat and long skeins of pasta the nests must be made strictly by hand.

Artisanal Pasta Pastificio Chelucci PISTOIA Since 1912
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