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Cialde di Montecatini "The Traditional Natural Wafer with Almonds Since 1911"

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Cialde di Montecatini

The “Cialda biscuit” is A natural wafer made up of two very fine, fragrant sheets that contain
a delicate grain of almonds, sugar and a pinch of vanilla.

Just a few ingredients and a complex manufacturing process for the wafer that involves 20 days to mature and is nursed from start to finish by skilled and attentive hands.

To savour it at its best, it is recommended to eat it on its own or with tea or coffee, typically
combined with ice cream and whipped cream, but also with fruit and chocolate spread.

since 1911 the same ingredients: few, genuine and entirely natural

Cialde di Montecatini is a PAT (Traditional Food Product) a recognition established by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Food Policies