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At Tuscany and Taste we love all the Italian charcuterie, especially the Tuscan one. Of course!

Our team of experts researched, tasted and selected the complete range of all Italian cold cuts and we are able to provide every specialty you would look for.

We import cold cuts from the best producers in Tuscany, all of them selected by criteria of high quality, ethical production processes, certifications. All our products are gluten and lactose free.

Tuscan Cured Meats
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9 products

The Tuscan Tradition

Tuscan charcuterie is a typical gastronomic specialty of our region. All our Tuscan charcuterie products are gluten free, lactose free from pigs raised and processed in Tuscany.
Born out of necessity: since the days of the Etruscans some types of meat were preserved in salt, not only pork; after the salting, the cured meats were dried and seasoned for a long time in wooden barrels.
The Tuscan charcuterie has a saltier taste, and this is one of the reasons why the Tuscan
bread is saltless, as we say: “sciocco”. The four most famous typical charcuterie products to try.
Finocchiona and Sbriciolona
The Finocchiona takes its characteristic flavor from fennel seeds, there are two types: the classicone aged from 2 to 5 months, and the crumble one: the “Sbriciolona” with a short seasoning (from 15 to 45 days).
Lardo of Colonnata
The Lardo Of Colonnata lives in a layer of pepper, rosemary or sage, and its slices resemble the marble on which they are seasoned. What to say: they melt pleasantly in the mouth. Tuscan Salami Aged up to 5 months, mix various pieces of pork with fat, pepper, salt and various aromas. You can find Tuscan salami in many variants: with fresh truffle, Chianti wine, onion, and much more.
Tuscan Ham
Under the DOP certification, this ham is produced using salt, pepper and a mixture of herbs. The amount of fat detectable is particularly low, which gives the product a very delicate and complex taste. One of its most famous and precious variants is the Cinta Senese Ham, an even less fat ham, made from the thigh of the local swine breed.
During a meal, when and how do serve charcuterie?
The Tuscan charcuterie can be served as an aperitif or appetizer with slices of Tuscan bread, they make a fury in the Tuscan mixed appetizer that is found in any trattoria and restaurant in Tuscany. They are also ideal for simple sandwiches, always accompanied with a good glass of red Tuscan wine. “Pane e Prosciutto” (ham sandwich) since ever is the mid-day snack – the merenda - of every Tuscan kid.