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FRESH BIANCHETTO TRUFFLE Tuber Borchii Vittadini best known as “Marzuolo”

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FRESH BIANCHETTO TRUFFLE Tuber Borchii Vittadini best known as “Marzuolo”

Harvest Season: middle of JANUARY - middle of APRIL. As its vulgar name “Marzuolo” suggests, from March it reaches its full ripeness conveying its strong and sharp character

Gleba: the internal pulp is initially whitish, tends to become a tawny color and then purplish brown with irregular marked white veins;

Peridium: the external skin is smooth and off-white color;

Aromatic signature: its garlic aroma stands out;

Where it grows: All Italy and especially central Italy, Tuscany, Marche, Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo. The main plants that produce this truffle are broad-leaved trees and coniferous, Pine, Beech and Downy Oak.


Bianchetto truffle is widespread throughout the Italian peninsula and has similar characteristics to the White Magnatum Pico truffle because it has a rounded and regular shape with cavities and protrusions, it is smooth and off-white in color. Bianchetto truffle when it reaches maturity (at the beginning of March it reaches its maximum maturity, hence also known as the “Marzuolo” truffle), it becomes darker both inside and out. Bianchetto truffle reaches usually small sizes, unlikely the White Magnatum Pico.

Bianchetto is also known as the “cousin” of the White Magnatum Pico truffle with which it is often confused by inexperienced noses. The aroma of Bianchetto it is light at the beginning, then tends to garlic tones later on. The flavor is a bit spicy with mushroom notes.


5/7 days, in the refrigerator (vegetable department), wrapped in kitchen paper such as Scottex (it is advisable to change it every day) and placed in an airtight container.


Bianchetto truffle is excellent for preparing first courses or meat escalopes. Also ideal for preparing delicious croutons. You can use Bianchetto truffle to season a pasta dish or to make an excellent omelettes. A great boost and finishing to your dishes can be given by our truffle sauces and truffle butter.

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THE TYPE OF SIZE AVAILABLE (weight of each single truffle) IS THE THE FIRST CHOICE: over 10g.

Fresh Truffle: Delivery info, How to store it, Tips and Tricks

How the truffles will be delivered to you

From Tuscany and Taste every fresh truffle should be sent out to you carefully packed in an insulated box to ensure they arrive fresh and in optimum condition. It’s important to unwrap your truffles from their packaging as soon as they arrive and change the kitchen paper. Our fresh truffles are cleaned only to remove the most consistent layer of soil
that cocoons it; this is because the soil residues create a layer of protection for the truffle, which allows it to preserve its aroma.

How to clean fresh truffles before use

Our fresh truffles are cleaned only to remove the most consistent layer of soil that cocoons it; this is because the soil residues create a layer of protection for the truffle, which allows it to preserve its aroma. The truffle must therefore be washed carefully under a cold tap for a few seconds, or simply brush it lightly with a soft brush whilst washing under cold running water, then dried with fresh kitchen paper towel. Finally, the truffle must be cut into very thin slices with the special truffle slicer.

How to store fresh truffles

Once cleaned, wrap each truffle individually in a fresh sheet of kitchen paper towel. Place the wrapped truffles in a clean, airtight plastic or glass container – a flip-top jar - with a tight seal works well.

Change the paper towel every 2 hours and re-wrap the truffles. Put them back in their container and refrigerate, repeating the process until you are ready to use them. However, be careful not to freeze them by accident. In case you are planning to enjoy it withing a couple of days from the delivery date, just leaving it well covered and wrapped in the kitchen paper (inside of a recipient and in the refrigerator) so you can avoid the formation of humidity.

How long do truffles keep their

For fresh truffles to be enjoyed at their best, they should be consumed within five to seven days. The autumn variety of the black truffle, Tuber Uncinatum and Winter Superior Black Perigord, can retain its flavor for up to 15 days, but the highest-quality white and black truffles are best enjoyed within a few days of delivery.


Freezing truffles: complete loss of aroma.

Preserving in olive oil: false myth because truffles tend to ferment

Storing in a jar of rice: good for rice, bad for truffle! Rice works as a sponge by absorbing the water contained inside the truffle, which becomes dry and loses all its aroma.

Never cook the truffle! Enjoy the flavor of your truffle by adding it only at the end of cooking.

The white truffle is very delicate and should never be cooked. High temperatures can make it lose its aroma. For this reason, the white truffle is perfect when used to garnish your dishes sliced into very thin flakes.

The black truffle is less delicate than the white one but, should never be fried or browned.

How to value the truffle quantity while shopping with Tuscany and Taste:
Truffle’s price varies also according to the size of the single piece.

The bigger the piece, the higher the price.

The same quantity of truffle can therefore be made up of: small pieces that have lower price or larger pieces with a higher price.

How much truffle you need?

Approximately an appetizer, pasta or a main course, require the same amount of truffle.

For an optimal enjoyment, in general we recommend a quantity of white truffle equal to 7 / 10g per person for each single dish.
The same for the black truffle. The scents of black truffles are less penetrating and intense than white, so it is worth being more generous in terms of quantity and 10g will be the right minimum quantity.

Some ideal combinations and quantity of truffle you will need:

Tagliolini with truffle: 7 / 10g of white truffle flakes or 10g of black truffle flakes

Butter eggs with truffle: 7g of white truffle flakes or 10g of black truffle flakes

Beef tartare with truffle: 7g of white truffle or 10g of black truffle flakes